5 Common Puppy Eye Problems Pet Owners Must Know!

Usually, your pup may have shiny, clear eyes. As a puppy owner, it would be best to check the physical condition of your pet’s eyes regularly. Such essential inspections are necessary so you will immediately know when there are any physical/behavioral changes in your pup’s sight.

For instance, if you notice any eye discharge, redness, cloudiness, squinting, or rubbing of the eyes, your fur baby probably harbors some discomfort in that region. Consulting the vet is always safer than buying over-the-counter medicines or experimenting with human drugs on fur babies.

With the best pet insurance, your furry companion can avail of superior medical care at affordable costs. Purchase pet health insurance but compare the different levels of cover initially. Buying a policy is pretty straightforward with the online services most insurers provide. Now, requesting and comparing quotes is hassle-free, as is purchasing a policy.

Get suitable cover for your pupper, but read on some of the most common eye complaints canine companions can face in their daily lives.

1.Eye infections

Bacteria, viruses, or fungi can cause eye infections in your pet pup. They usually attack the eye’s conjunctiva, eyelids, or the eye. The telling signs of an infection are –

  • Drainage from the eyes (Fluid color: green/red/yellow)
  • Losing hair on the eyelids
  • Crusting/inflamed eyelids
  • Swelling in the eyes
  • Red conjunctiva
  • Closing/squinting eyes repeatedly
  • Pawing at the eye

The most common bacterial infection is conjunctivitis, which affects your pup’s tissues around the eye and eyelids. Your vet may assess the condition and treat your pet with dog eye drops, ointment, and/or antibiotics to alleviate infections.

2.Eye allergies

Just as your pup’s skin can be affected by allergies, so can their eyes. Your puppy may suffer from redness or itchy eyes along with eye discharge. Meet your vet to cure your pupper that is rubbing its eyes constantly.

3.Watery eyes

It is a common sight in specific dog breeds like flat-faced dogs, poodles, etc.; if your pup’s eyes are watering and the skin below the eyes have turned red, then probably it’s time for a vet visit. However, it may not be a severe condition if the eyes are clear even while watery.

4.Dry eyes

It is a common issue in flat-faced pups as they have highly exposed bulging eyes. In other breeds, the problem may stem from reduced tear production because of nervous issues or autoimmune disorders. Sometimes, the condition can be cured with eye drops/ointments, while other pets may require lifelong treatment.

5.Eye inflammation

It can happen due to allergies, infections, or injuries. If you notice swelling in your puppy’s eye, take them to the vet immediately. Also, check for other accompanying conditions like irritation, redness, squinting, etc. These symptoms can point to many health conditions like eyelid abnormality, corneal injury, infections, allergies, chronic dry eye, glaucoma, and more. Only your vet can eliminate potential health issues after a thorough diagnosis. Once the root cause of the eye trouble is determined, it is easier to suggest a treatment plan. 

Moreover, don’t postpone vet visits if you suspect any illness in your pet. The sooner your pet is diagnosed and treated, the sooner you can heal your pet. Dehydration can cause or aggravate many health problems in pets. So, make sure your pet puppy has access to plenty of fresh water all the time. 

Pet health insurance can lift much of your financial burden during pet sickness and other health emergencies. The best pet insurance can cover your pet for allergies, infections, accidents, injuries, illnesses, dental issues, diagnosis, hospitalization, and more. Choose the plan that best fits your budget and pet health needs.


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