What Are The Best Online Event Platforms That Come With A Free Trial?

Online Event Platform

Online events are those events that are hosted over the internet with the capabilities for the attendees to join them from anywhere. Like in-person events require physical venues or space, online events require virtual space.

Advantages of online events:

  • Expands audiences reach 
  • Save time and money
  • Flexible
  • Easy collection of data


Because of so many benefits, organizers or businesses are preferring online events over in-person events. As we can see there are several online platforms available in the market. Each online platform is different from the other online platforms. If you are interested in hosting online events or you want to know about different online platforms then this blog is for you.

In the blog, we will discuss those online platforms which offer a free trial to the users. Using their free plan you can explore those platforms and can experience their services. So let’s jump into the ocean of information.




Mixhubb is one of the leading 3D robust online platforms for  hosting all types of online events. Whether it is a small event or an extensive event no matter what the size and type of event is Mixhubb lets you host everything.Within a few clicks this online platform lets you host immersive, intuitive and engaging online events.This online platform is self-manageable, allowing users to manage their whole event from beginning to end. It offers a quick registration management system, enabling users to register quickly from any of their social media accounts. For driving more registrations, it provides customized registration or landing pages.

Mixhubb provides 100% branding opportunities to the users so that the audience can get maximum exposure to the brand. It offers features like data analytics enabling hosts to analyze the event.

Other notable features include screen sharing, recording, multi-lingual support, chats, polls, surveys, Q&A, and many more. Moreover, Mixhubb is an affordable online platform that also offers a free trial. 



This online event platform offers an easy-to-use setup for hosting intuitive, immersive, and impeccable online events. On this online platform, you can also host hybrid events. Being a customizable platform, it lets users customize the event. It offers a simple-to-navigate user interface which makes hosting online events very easy and smooth. Using its branded lobby, stages, and booths users get several branding opportunities. Using those opportunities brands can allure the attention of the audience. It also offers customized landing pages that drive more registration for the event. Other notable features of Airmet include attendee management, lead capture, event schedules, live chats, live streaming, and many more.



Zuddl is an all-in-one platform where you can host all types of virtual events. Along with the virtual events, this online platform also enables users to host hybrid events. This is a fully customizable platform where you can customize everything you want and everything you require. Zuddl delivers immersive and memorable online event experiences. This online platform also offers you infinite branding opportunities. Zuddl also allows two-way communication. On this online platform, you can manage the speakers and play recorded videos also. Zuddl also enables you to gain clear actionable insights into the event by analyzing real-time traffic, engagement, and buyer intent. It also offers post-event reporting features to analyze and measure the success of the event.



Hopin is one platform that caters to all your virtual event needs. This is a web-based online event platform, enabling you to host interactive and engaging online events. On this online platform, users can host live events with up to 100,000 attendees. Hopin offers several features such as attendee management, badge management, live streaming, real-time chat, recording survey, polls, and analytics.

This online platform also provides customized branding options to the users. Hopin lets you host secure and flawless online events. Hopin comes with a set of advanced features like customized automated emails to ensure maximum show-up rates. This online platform also lets you rename the label of the event areas that match your event theme. Users can also add and remove fields to the registration form to get more information about the attendees. 



Floor is an online community platform where you can host events of all types, all sizes, and for all purposes. It also supports hybrid events. It is a fully customizable platform, enabling users to customize the event as well as virtual venues. Its dynamic booth, waiting area and ticket area lets attendees replicate the in-person experience. It provides smooth onboarding to add and manage speakers, sponsors, or exhibitors’ profiles. To encourage the participation of the audience in the live events it offers engagement features like chats, polls, and Q&A.  



BigMrker is an online platform where you can host the most engaging webinars, virtual events, and hybrid events. It is also a customizable platform that lets users customize the event to attain an in-person-like experience. BigMarker also enables users to create custom event landing pages to ensure more registration. Using ad banners and customizable exhibitors booths provides branding and sponsorship opportunities to the organizers so that they can monetize their event. 

Its top networking features include AI-powered Speed Networking, Breakout, and Round Tables that enable attendees to connect with the attendees of the same interest. Other key features of BigMarker include API, access control, activity dashboard, alerts & notifications, attendee management, brand management, etc.


As we all know, online events rely on technology, and with the advancement of technology online platforms have upgraded themselves with more advanced features. All virtual event platforms are not the same nor do they have the same features. So, it becomes very necessary that users should carefully consider those platforms which have advanced yet easily accessible features. The online events platform should enable attendees to host immersive, engaging, and interactive online events. 

Using the above-stated information you can select one of the platforms for hosting your upcoming online event.   

So, that is all for this blog, we hope this information will be fruitful for you. 


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