How Do I Open My TikTok Following Feed?


You might be wondering: How do I open my TikTok following feed? This article explains the process of viewing your following list on a computer and enables you to see who follows you. You can also check the gender of your followers by looking at their TikTok profiles. Let’s get started. To open your following list on a computer, simply follow the steps in this article. Afterwards, you can view your followers’ list on the website of your TikTok account.

Unfollowing a user on TikTok

Unfollowing a user on Tiktok is easy, and the user won’t even know you’ve done it. First, tap on their profile on the left side of the screen. After that, you can confirm that you’ve blocked them. Once the action is complete, they’ll be removed from your followers, following list, or blocked list. Then, you can follow them back if you’d like to continue communicating with them.

However, be sure to avoid using third-party apps. These third-party apps often use bots and can cause your account to be banned or scammed. Additionally, unfollowing a user may result in your account being suspended or banned permanently. This is why the safest method for unfollowing multiple people on TikTok is through the Following list. Using a bot may not be as safe as a legitimate method, so be sure to read the instructions before using it.

Viewing your followers’ list on a computer

If you don’t want to see the followers’ list of people who follow you on TikTok, you can hide your profile. To do this, open the app, tap on the three lines in the top left corner, then select settings. Next, scroll to the privacy section and toggle the “Hide Followers” switch to on. Alternatively, you can use a web browser to view your followers list.

You can view your followers’ list in TikTok on your computer by tapping or clicking on the eye icon on the app. Alternatively, you can view them on a computer by clicking on the profile picture. However, you should be aware that this feature is limited to users aged 16 and older. It’s important to check the terms and conditions of your app to make sure that your account is safe and secure.

Checking the gender of your followers on TikTok

It’s important to know the gender of your followers on TikToK so you can tailor your content to them. While gender demographics are not a perfect indicator of who is interested in your content, they can be helpful in determining whether your content is resonating. In addition to knowing the gender of your followers, you can also use this information to tweak your content. However, it’s important to note that gender-assumption algorithms don’t necessarily give you the right answers.

You can check your followers by gender at any time. You can also view your most popular countries and territories. Then, you can check how many people are watching your videos. The highest activity times are usually around 5 am and 8 pm, and you can post more frequently during these periods. You can also filter your followers by country to see the percentage of each. If you want to reach a wider audience, you may want to consider posting videos during these times of day.

Adding more tiktok accounts

Adding more than one account to TikTok can be a pain. Adding accounts with the same name and email address can cause problems, and you’ll also have to connect your number to other services. Luckily, there are several ways to add multiple accounts without a hassle. Here are some tips for avoiding account theft. Also, keep your passwords varied and change them often. Using a single password for multiple accounts may result in a lower engagement rate.

Final Words:

Creating multiple accounts on TikTok is a common practice among social media influencers. Creating more than one account allows you to continue making videos while maintaining the privacy of your followers. You can switch between accounts by tapping on the username. However, you must adhere to the app’s terms and conditions to keep your accounts separate. You may be asked to delete one account. Alternatively, you can choose another account and delete it.

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