What Goes In A Stuffed Crust Pizza?

The love for pizza is universal. People from all walks of life and across the globe all call pizza a favorite food. Whether thin crust or deep dish, plain cheese or loaded with toppings, there is a pizza for every palate.

Pizza goes back thousands of years to ancient Rome, where it was first served. Later Naples became famous for its pizza, sold on the street as the perfect snack or light meal. Italian immigrants brought this delicacy with them to America in the late 1800s. It quickly made its way from the east coast to Chicago and across the country, becoming an all-American favorite along the way.

You may think there is no way to innovate an ancient and favorite dish like pizza, or that you’ve tried all the pizza there is to try. But if you haven’t tasted stuffed crust pizza yet, you are certainly in for a treat. Papa Johns CEO will convince you that their Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza will be your new favorite.

A Stuffed Crust Makes Pizza Even Better

The crust has always been the least favorite part of a pizza, but stuffed crust changes that. By making the crust as delicious and desirable as the rest of the pizza you really get your money’s worth. No more feeding crust edges to the dog. Now everyone will enjoy every bite of every slice.

Crispy, Golden Crust Goodness

Every Papa Johns pizza starts with fresh, never frozen dough that bakes up into crispy, golden crust goodness. With just the right thickness to support the cheese and toppings, along with the crispy bottom that makes pizza so good, Papa Johns crust was already delicious. Stuffing it takes it to the next level.

Mouthwatering Melty Cheese

Wrapping the crust around a center filled with hot and melty cheese is the stuff that dreams are made of. Papa Johns uses the same real cheese made from mozzarella that is on the top of your pizza to fill your stuffed crust, making the crust as delicious to eat as the rest of your slice. No one can resist a crust filled with the same delectable cheese that makes the rest of the pizza so delish.

Sweet and Tangy Marinara Sauce

The sweet and tangy marinara sauce that is under the cheese on your pizza starts with vine-ripened tomatoes and includes extra virgin olive oil, garlic and other spices that create an authentic Italian flavor. This savory sauce is on many pizzas on Papa Johns menu and is perfect for dipping your stuffed crust. Be sure to ask for extra dip cups to be sure you have enough.

Get It Delivered Right to Your Home

With 5200 Papa Johns stores in all 50 states, as well as 44 countries worldwide, almost everyone can have a stuffed crust pizza delivery ordered straight to their home today. Don’t hesitate to try this delicious innovation and find your new favorite delivery meal.

Stuffed crust pizza is going to be a new favorite across America and the globe. Try one today.

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