Lerner and Rowe Aims to be a National Powerhouse

Lerner and Rowe

The firm’s name implies that it has an extensive reputation for success, but what exactly is its scope? This article will cover the number of attorneys, the types of cases it accepts, and what clients can expect from Lerner and Rowe. This article is a great place to start to learn about this firm. The firm represents more than 22000 clients annually, with a focus on torts, product liability, and car accident claims. In recent years, they have expanded their practice to include cases related to bankruptcy and social security disability. They also represent corporations and individuals in criminal defense.

Multi-State Powerhouse

Founded in 1991, Phoenix-based Lerner and Rowe has grown into a multi-state powerhouse. Founded by a father and son duo, the firm has more than $165 million in case settlements for its clients, and founders Glen Lerner and John Rowe are committed to the communities in which they practice law. In addition to expanding into 25 different states, Lerner and Rowe have become so successful that many other firms have sought its advice.

To reach a broader audience, Lerner and Rowe is making a conscious effort to build relationships with other law firms. They hold private marketing meetings twice a year with about 20 other law firms to share ideas and grow their practice. One of the ways they’re doing this is by purchasing ads in the Super Bowl and posting 250 videos on YouTube. They believe this approach will help them grow in the future.

Involving Automobile Accidents

With an aggressive marketing campaign, Lerner and Rowe is establishing themselves as a National Powerhouse in the personal injury field. They represent over 22000 clients each year, specializing in personal injury cases involving automobile accidents, product liability and torts. However, they are also expanding their practice areas, taking on cases related to bankruptcy, social security disability, and criminal defense. Moreover, they represent clients in a variety of industries, including auto dealers and land developers.

The firm is targeting Seattle as its next market, and in achieving that goal, they purchased a 50% stake in attorney Mike Brandner. The firm also plans to acquire other law firms in the area. The company has a large Facebook presence, showcasing its diverse service offerings. Photos of its events include the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb, Holmberg’s Heat Stroke Open, and Operation Hydration.

Lerner and Rowe Foundation

In just one year, the Lerner and Rowe Foundation has donated over $100 million to local organizations. The foundation supports causes such as preventing human trafficking and advocating for the poor and sick. It has donated millions of dollars to different charities, including those focused on helping the homeless. As it continues to grow, the firm is looking to expand its presence throughout the country. It is also considering expanding to other areas, such as Seattle.

The firm’s website cites that they handle more than 22,000 new cases annually, and the firm has grown to include offices in 11 states. Its lawyers have more than 40 years of experience in trial work, and it has received several accolades for its client satisfaction. Lerner and Rowe also has an active diversification of its practice areas, including mass torts, product liability, and consumer fraud.

Pursuing Growth Opportunities

The Lerner and Rowe law firms have established themselves as a multi-state powerhouse, settling over $100 million in cases in the last year alone. While the founders of the two firms have similar goals and objectives. They also take different approaches to achieving those goals. Kevin Rowe is the leader of the firm, while Glen Lerner focuses on developing relationships with clients and pursuing growth opportunities.

The firm has a strong nationwide network of attorneys and support staff. They aim to become a National Powerhouse in number of attorneys and support staff. In addition to their extensive experience in the personal injury field, Lerner and Rowe has helped over 150,000 clients obtain billions of dollars in compensation. This has helped the firm grow into one of the largest personal injury law firms in the country.

Final Steps:

The legal services firm, Lerner and Rowe, has been in business for over a decade. It specializes in vehicle accidents and torts cases. They are also expanding their practice areas by handling criminal defense, social security disability, and bankruptcy cases. Additionally, they handle commercial litigation and represent businesses including land developers and vehicle dealers. They are a national force in the field of personal injury litigation. Learner and Rowe’s advertising budget comes from an advertising fund of $20 million.


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