Buying Personal Protective Equipment Using The NDIS Funds

The need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has increased in today’s world, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic. PPE serves as an effective tool to prevent the spread of the pandemic and other diseases. 


Keeping the safety and security of participants in mind, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has included PPE costs under the NDIS funding. You must have several questions in mind regarding this step taken by the NDIA. 


Being the leading NDIS provider in Brisbane, Complete Connect can easily answer all your queries. Let us delve into the details of each one step-by-step. 


Can you buy PPE using your NDIS funds?

The simple answer to this question is that you can buy PPE using your NDIS funds. You can use the core support category funding to purchase PPE. Especially if you receive continuous face-to-face therapy, you must purchase masks and gloves to wear during your therapy or counselling sessions. 


However, if your sessions take place virtually or if you require PPE for use outside of the home environment, then the NDIA will not fund it. You will have to incur this expense on your own and pay for it from your own pocket. There are a few other conditions that you need to keep in mind. You can purchase PPE using NDIS funds if:


  • You receive at least one hour of face-to-face support from your provider
  • You have a ‘Reasonable and Necessary’ need for PPE
  • The total cost does not exceed $50 per week


What equipment can you buy?

The personal private equipment you can purchase using your NDIS funding includes masks, gloves, and face shields. Things like hand sanitisers cannot be bought using NDIS funds. However, if there is an exception where you are in close contact with support providers frequently and need to use a sanitiser more than usual, then the NDIS can consider including it in your core budget. 


Where can you purchase PPE from?

Plan and self-managed participants can purchase PPE on their own (for example, from local pharmacies) and later claim their purchases. However, for NDIA-managed participants, registered providers can help them with the purchase and direct payment. It is essential that you discuss this with your provider directly. 


Do you need a plan review to purchase PPE?

No, you do not need a plan review for purchasing PPE since you can simply use your core support budget to purchase them. Hence, no adjustments are needed. 


Can service providers charge you for their PPE?

Providers’ costs for PPE will not be deducted from your funding anymore. Since 1st January 2022, the NDIS price limits have been increased to cover the PPE expenses incurred by support providers. If your last plan review meeting was before 1st January, and you are worried you might run out of funds, you can contact the NDIS for an immediate plan review. This will shift the provider’s PPE expenses under the NDIS domain. 


Even if your plan hasn’t been revised, please remember that providers cannot include their PPE expenses under your plan without seeking permission from you. Before making any purchase, they must inform you about the cost and quantity of equipment they require. Also, they can only charge for equipment that is used while they are delivering support to you. 


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