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The cardinal laws of matching outfit with shoes should be known by every lady. Who among you can honestly say she hasn’t fantasized about having a closet full of shoes? And nobody here believes that a girl’s perfect friend is her shoes? This time, we’re bidding farewell to all things matchy-matchy and welcoming back the wonderful art of mixing and matching. The problem is that we aren’t constantly aware of what’s going with what, and we make errors as a result.

However, keep in mind that the type of shoe you wear plays a huge influence in the classification phase – for example, nude shoes stretch your legs and may be worn with mini-skirts, whilst stilettos work with almost anything. But one thing is certain: footwear can make or ruin an outfit, so keep your cool and follow our tried-and-true advice.


  • Take into account the situation. You can’t wear sky-high heels to work, and wearing sneakers to a gala isn’t a good idea either. The time and place are important, and you should pay close attention to them.
  • Use hues that are in opposition to each other. If you’re wearing an all-black outfit, for example, let your shoes shine with a contrasting hue to provide some much-needed uniqueness.
  • Consider the time of year. Boots look well with dresses of all lengths, from mini to midi to maxi, whether it’s winter or summer.


  • Don’t underestimate the significance of matching outfit with shoes. Pumps go with almost any dress, but sneakers, for example, don’t look nice with a long dress.
  • Most of the time, you should choose style over comfort. If your shoes don’t fit well but complement your outfit, wearing them is pointless if you’re going to walk like a duck.
  • We’re not in the 1980s anymore, so go matchy-matchy!
  • Pair a sparkly outfit with a sparkly pair of shoes. You’re not a disco ball, by the way.

Key Principles of matching outfit with shoes

It’s not easy to put together an outfit. Despite having more fashion options than men, women are always confronted with emerging trends that rewrite fashion rules. As a result, they have limited fashion alternatives.. For any kind of shoe style you want to see a variety of matching outfits with shoes at one place.

  • Play with Colors

Even though all of these hues are rather neutral, most stylish individuals still adhere to the previous guideline that banned people from pairing brown and black or navy and black. With the current trends in western footwear, these color combinations have shown to be popular. Being deliberate with these pairings is the key to a good matching outfit with shoes.

  • Guidance by the Occasion

The shoes you choose are heavily influenced by the occasion you’re going to. Is it a casual dinner or a formal event? Even if your event has no specific dress code, most occasions offer basic guidelines for what you should wear.

For example, you wouldn’t wear heel open-toe sandals and a knitted dress to the mall for a brief shopping trip. Open-toe sandals or wedges, in general, look wonderful with a formal dress and are appropriate for formal occasions.

  • A Shade Darker than Outfit

To avoid the awkwardness of blending colors that are similar but slightly different, decide on shoes that are a shade darker than your clothing, such as a cherry-red dress and fire-engine red shoes. Numerous people will be unable to distinguish between the two, and your reds will not conflict.

Pick a single hue as your starting point to prevent looking matched. Then hunt for slightly varied tones of the same color in apparel, shoes, and accessories. To enjoy savings on shoes make use to use Born Shoes coupon to get instant discount on your footwear. 

  • Patterns

People are hesitant to mix and match patterns, since customary rules forbid it. Pattern mixing, on the other hand, is a great way to incorporate new approaches into your wardrobe. Not everyone’s clothing and shoes have the same pattern.

If you want to create a major fashion statement, matching accessories, shoes, and an outfit in the same pattern is the way to go. Take a page from Tess Holiday’s book and mix & match your prints. Make a big fashion statement with all the animal designs you have in your closet.

No matter any color, pattern or style, OffOnShoes has the biggest variety for matching outfit with shoes. 

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