What is Melissa Roxburgh Salary?

Melissa Roxburgh

Canadian actress Melissa Roxburgh is a familiar face to fans of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid franchise. She has also appeared in the Star Trek Beyond movie as Ensign Syl, and she portrayed Olivia Tanis in “The Marine 4: Moving Target.” In addition to her role as Violet Duval in “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” Roxburgh also starred as Michaela Stone on the NBC/Netflix science fiction drama series Manifest.

British Columbia

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Melissa Roxburgh became a TV and media celebrity in 2011. She gained international fame for her role as Rachel Lewis in “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules.” Her first major role came at the age of nineteen, and it was an instant hit. Roxburgh landed her second major role in a sequel to the popular kids’ books. Her acting skills and enthusiasm for the industry made her the top choice for several television shows and films.

Rodrick Rules

She began acting after graduating from high school, and later got a lead role in the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. Next, she appeared in the sequel to Dogs Days, playing the role of Heather Hills. She has since worked on several movies and television series, including Big Time Movie and The Tomorrow People. Other movies and TV shows that she has appeared in include Ensign Syl in Star Trek Beyond and Jeni in Leprechaun: Origins. Most recently, she starred as Thea in the CW drama Valor.

Dual Citizenship

Born in British Columbia, Canada, Melissa Roxburgh is a professional model and an actress. She was raised in a Christian family and studied at Simon Fraser University. Melissa Roxburgh has a brother named Matt, and sisters Ashley and Kristie. She was the second child of a British pastor and a professional tennis player. She holds dual citizenship, Canadian and American.

Diary of a Wimpy Kids

After starring in Diary of a Wimpy Kids: Rodrick Rules, Roxburgh has starred in several films and TV shows. She portrayed Violet Duval in the 2014 sequel to “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and played the title character in a spinoff, “Supernatural: Bloodlines.” Roxburgh has also appeared in television series such as Supernatural, Arrow, and Legends Of Tomorrow.

Melissa Roxburgh is a dual citizen and is a Canadian-American. She was born in Canada but has lived in the United States since her early childhood. After graduating from high school, Roxburgh studied communications at Simon Fraser University. Her dream was to become a journalist. However, she was fired from one job because she didn’t have the right accent. In her youth, she wanted to be a journalist, but couldn’t master the accent.

Two Sisters & Younger Brother

Born in Canada, Melissa Roxburgh has two sisters and a younger brother. Despite her success in the entertainment industry, her private life remains relatively private. She is not married and doesn’t have any children. She is an avid traveler and has visited many countries, including Africa. Melissa Roxburgh and her family have also been to Guatemala and Albania. As an adult, Roxburgh has worked with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), which helps people in extreme humanitarian crises.

Personal Life

Melissa Roxburgh is an actor who is very secretive about her personal life. She has dated fellow actor J.R. Ramiez for the past two years. The couple met on the set of Lost Solace, Roxburgh’s first major role. Since then, the couple has maintained contact and are rumored to be dating. However, she is hesitant to talk about her relationship.

She was born on December 10, 1992, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She has two sisters and one brother. Her parents are Christian ministers, and her younger sister is also a Christian. While her parents did not encourage her to become an actress, Roxburgh decided to pursue acting after high school. She also keeps her religious views on social media, and is involved with several charities. She also likes to spend time in the outdoors.

Favorite TV Show Characters

Actress Melissa Roxburgh is not above speculating about her favorite TV show characters, and she’s a big fan of fan theories. She says she reads them all, and doesn’t object to them if they’re creative and well-written. Whether she’s a fan or not, she’s a good sport about it. She recently posted an image on Instagram of her favorite mystery, and it received over 3,000 likes.

Final Words:

Although she’s a fan of fan theories, Roxburgh doesn’t want to discuss her personal life publicly. While she’s never confirmed anything about her personal life, there have been rumors that she’s dating actor Andrew Jenkins. The two met while working on a movie set in 2016, and they’ve remained in contact ever since. While she’s not confirmed anything publicly, the fan theories claiming she’s dating Andrew Jenkins are certainly plausible.


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