John Spc Deweese, 22, Was Killed in a Roadside Bomb

Spc Deweese

Spc Deweese was killed in action while serving in Iraq. His unit was supporting Schweinfurt’s 1st Battalion and was training Iraqi police officers. A roadside bomb caused his death. He had served in the Marine Corps for 43 years.

Support of Schweinfurt’s

Spc Deweese’s unit served in support of Schweinfurt’s first battalion of the 26TH Infantry Regiment, which broke into the city of Marigny on 28 July 1918. They took over the city and also drove toward Coutance.

Spc Deweese’s unit served in Schweinfurt for almost a decade. He was killed in action while covering a live grenade. He was from the 1st Infantry Division and was the second U.S. Medal of Honor recipient to die in action in Iraq. In his honor, the community of Schweinfurt honors him and remembers him.

Military Service

In addition to his military service, spc Deweese was an avid outdoorsman. His enjoyed fishing and yard work. He also loved to watch the New York Yankees. He served in the Marine Corps for 43 years.

Main Support Battalion

The 1st Battalion was supported by the 2nd Brigade, headquartered in Schweinfurt, Germany, and consisted of the 18th Infantry, the 26th Infantry, and the 77th Field Artillery. The 2nd Brigade also had the 601st Aviation Support Battalion and the 701st Main Support Battalion.


In June 2007, the Adhamiyah neighborhood in northeast Baghdad became a messed up mess because of sectarian violence. This was the area where Spc Deweese’s unit, the 554th Military Police Company, was deployed. The unit’s mission was to train Iraqi police officers. However, it wasn’t without tragedy. A roadside bomb killed him and five of his fellow soldiers. The soldiers in the 1st Platoon were trained to deal with the violence that was occurring in Iraq.

Turret of Humvee

As Spc Deweese sat in the turret of his Humvee, he saw a roadside bomb crater next to the vehicle. He and his mates were escorting two Iraqi fire trucks to the scene of the explosion. They also guarded an intersection nearby. But they noticed something fishy.

John DeWeese, 22, was killed in the blast of a roadside bomb while serving with the United States Marine Corps. He was a Marine Corps Humvee driver. His had been in Iraq for a year and was part of a platoon that was training Iraqi police officers. He enjoyed fishing and the New York Yankees.

Putnam County

SPC Deweese was from Putnam County, West Virginia. He graduated from Poca High School in 1984. He then joined the United States Army and the West Virginia Army National Guard. While he was in the Army, he earned several medals and the Legion of Merit.

Deweese was part of the 16th Infantry Regiment and had been serving in support of Schweinfurt’s 1st Battalion since February 1901. On 28 July 1918, he and his regiment broke into the city of Marigny. The 16th Infantry was the first battalion to be attacked by the Germans in this campaign.

Four-Wheel-Drive Military Truck

The Humvee is a light, four-wheel-drive military truck that replaced the jeep during the Vietnam War. It has a ground clearance of 16 inches and waterproof electronics. The Humvee has been adopted by many countries and is used for a variety of military functions.

Spc Deweese was a decorated veteran of the United States Marine Corps. A native of Putnam County, West Virginia, he was a Humvee driver in Iraq for a year. Aside from serving his country, spc Deweese enjoyed fishing and yard work. He also had a passion for the New York Yankees. Ultimately, he retired as a sargent major after serving 43 years in the Marine Corps.

Marine Corps Sargent Major

Spc Deweese, a Marine Corps sargent major, loved being on the water, yard work, and the New York Yankees. But he was tragically killed when a roadside bomb exploded in Iraq. He was part of a platoon that was training Iraqi police in the area. The blast also killed 5 other soldiers, including a spc Deweese.

Meuse-Argonne Campaign

Spc Deweese was a member of the 16th Infantry Regiment. He fought alongside Schweinfurt’s 1st Battalion. The 16th Infantry’s main objective was captured on the first day of the Meuse-Argonne campaign. His unit was also involved in the attack on Marigny. The battle lasted two weeks.

Military Vehicles

The Humvee was one of many military vehicles used in the Iraq War. It has four-wheel drive and waterproof electronics. It was designed to be used by military forces but has been adopted by other nations. A Marine’s Humvee is a specialized vehicle and is considered a lightweight military vehicle. In addition to being used for combat, Humvees are used by many nations for a wide variety of tasks.

Final Steps:

In June 2007, the Adhamiyah section of northeast Baghdad was badly messed up by sectarian violence. The 16th Infantry had been in support of Schweinfurt’s first battalion since February. During this time, Spc Deweese’s unit captured the main objective of the Meuse-Argonne campaign here.

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