The Best Social Media Tools Used in Marketing

Social media has become an essential tool for marketing, from advertising to customer service. There are many platforms to choose from, making it challenging to decide on the best ones. This article lists the top social media tools you or your small business might want to consider to generate fanfare, promote products or services, and engage with customers.


Buzzsumo is a social media monitoring tool that tracks the spread of content on various social networks. The software runs on a computer and monitors what goes viral across multiple social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs. This tool helps you find the most shared content amongst your target audience. If you are looking to use this tool for marketing, it is best to use it for tracking your target demographic and competitors before launching a campaign. Otherwise, you risk wasting time on content that may not convert.


Canva is a design tool that can assist with creating graphic designs. The host of features includes editing images, adding text to images, creating infographics, and more. Since Canva is available on the web and mobile, it can be accessed anywhere at any time. It’s also affordable, with the limit being that there may be a few possible limits on more complex projects. Canva is great for marketing because it allows you to create eye-catching graphics ready to be shared across social media platforms.


Mention is a powerful scheduling tool that enables scheduling content to publish. With Mention, you can schedule social media posts at specific times and dates, classify your posts (or not), and suggest hashtags. This software allows you to create dynamic post schedules so that as you post across multiple platforms consistently, you are also publishing on the same date simultaneously.


Hootsuite is a social media management tool that enables scheduling posts, scheduling and collaborating with other networks, monitoring your brand’s mentions across the web and more. This is an excellent tool for small businesses because of its ease of use and affordability. It also offers customizable reports that can give you helpful insight into everything from which content is most engaging to how your social media leads convert into actual customers. The only possible drawback to this software is that it doesn’t allow for creating image-only posts or custom branded images.


Buffer is another social media scheduling tool. This software enables you to create post schedules, collaborate on social media with other users, and analyze content to optimize your future posts. Buffer has a free version and the option to upgrade for more premium features like the ability to schedule posts with images and GIFs. The only possible drawback is that it doesn’t have any analytics tools in its free version. You’ll have to pay for the additional insight into what’s working for your business and what isn’t.


Trello is a project management tool that helps you manage your social media posts in a more organized manner. Trello enables you to stay on schedule, keep track of all posts, and collaborate with others. The only possible drawback to this software is that it’s not as flexible or customizable as other social media tools. You will have to work with the design provided by Trello and post it on their schedule, which can be limiting for some businesses.

About NetbaseQuid

NetbaseQuide is an AI-powered platform that helps companies optimize their campaigns across multiple social media channels. The platform’s AI powers to generate millions of data points for your campaign, identify users or clients that stand out to you, and present them as potential leads for your business. Netbase helps understand competitor and market performance against the target audience for your business.

These social media tools can help you to monitor conversations about your brand, track leads for your business, and collaborate with other users. Whether you are just starting or have been in the game for a while, these tools will help you to improve your online presence. Utilize these social media tools to their fullest potential if you want to make a lasting impression in your industry.

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