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D2L Arizona

What is D2L Arizona?

D2L Arizona is a digital learning environment used by the University of Arizona. It provides a virtual classroom where students can access digital textbooks and other learning resources. It also offers access to web conferencing tools like Zoom and Panopto. It’s also used for community projects by the university. Non-UA affiliates aren’t allowed to use D2L for credit.

UA Community Learning Portal

D2L Arizona course sites are automatically activated about a week before the semester begins. However, instructors are encouraged to check the sites ahead of time to ensure they are fully functional before the semester begins. Course sites are also available at the UA Community Learning Portal, which is open to the public.

The University of Arizona uses several different vendors and publishers to support its online learning platform, which can be confusing for students. In addition, students lose access to course sites after the first month of the major semester and inclusive access content after February. This may be extended to several terms, or the student may have to create an account with another system.

D2L Arizona’s Courses

D2L Arizona’s courses are designed with the student in mind. Therefore, instructors should ensure they’ve set up a secure connection with students to avoid unwanted security concerns. Additionally, instructors should keep in mind that there are two methods to upload a course file. First, go to the Course Admin. This is located on the navigation bar. Once there, click on the More menu. Next, click on “Grades.” In the Grading section, click on “Saved Drafts.” If you accidentally saved a file for a student, an “FN” grade will be listed. After you’ve uploaded the course file, make sure to change the file name.

Students can view course content in Hidden mode. This allows them to make preparations for the course. A student can also send an email message to multiple students by using the Classlist area.

Prospective Employers

Using a Digication ePortfolio to showcase work is now a viable option for aspiring and current university students. It provides various options for sharing your work, including with instructors, the public, and prospective employers. It is also compatible with both Mac and PC users.

Students can create and share Digication ePortfolios in D2L Arizona. These portfolios are viewable by the public, so they are easily shared with family, friends, and other interested individuals outside of the university. They can be accessed from the course website or the Tools menu in D2L. In addition, students should follow the D2L Arizona Code of Academic Integrity, which promotes honesty and transparency and specifies sanctions for students who break these guidelines.

ePortfolios promote student reflection and sharing. The process of creating an ePortfolio encourages students to reflect on their own work and consider their own personal goals. Additionally, an ePortfolio is easily shared with friends and family members, as well as potential employers.

Digication ePortfolio

To create a Digication ePortfolio, students can choose a template or create their own from scratch. These templates include a basic structure and content that can be used as a starting point for a new ePortfolio. A template can also be used to share ePortfolios with other instructors.

Whether you use Digication or another external learning platform, instructors can access student ePortfolios from within their course content. The tool offers many benefits, including the ability to share students’ work with other students and with those outside the university. It’s easy to link an ePortfolio from your course homepage or from the course’s navigation bar.

Public or Private

ePortfolios can be made public or private. ePortfolios can be made visible to other students, faculty, alumni, and prospective employers. Students can also choose how much information they want to share. They can share their work with the public by creating a link to it in their D2L Arizona course.

In addition to helping students share their work with other students, ePortfolios also help students reflect on their learning. Using ePortfolios to archive their work helps students look at the big picture and consider their future goals. They can also share their work with family and friends, as well as prospective employers.

Final Thoughts:

Instructors can access students’ Digication courses using D2L Arizona. The software includes a unified learning management system that lets faculty and students collaborate online. It also allows faculty to track student progress and grade submissions. The system was developed by Desire2Learn, a Canadian company. This solution has enabled the University of Arizona to deliver online courses and has saved $3 million in textbooks. It also features robust integrations, a mobile-responsive interface, and features to manage grades and content.


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