How To Succeed In Your Honey Business- Guide 2021

Being a beekeeper is a tough job and one thing tougher than that is selling the honey you obtain from it. As a beekeeper, you obviously want to sell your honey even if you don’t have a big business. Honey can function as a sweet little source of revenue to supplement your regular income.


Most beekeepers are unable to accelerate their honey business due to a lack of ideas and business techniques. In this article, we will give you some easy and effective tips to succeed in your honey business.

Tips to succeed in your honey business

  • Understanding the honey business regulations

Every business has regulations, and the honey business is no different. You must, for example, have a permit before purchasing even one bee. If harvesting, bottling, and selling honey are your goals, you’ll need to apply for a license with your local government.


It’s also necessary to register your beehives. Also, there are some states that don’t allow people to bottle honey in their kitchens. In order to start your honey business, you must contact all the relevant agencies to ensure you have the necessary licenses and permits.

  • Designing an appealing honey label

Labels can significantly influence the appearance and saleability of honey. Besides identifying what type of honey it is, labels include information about its manufacturer. Labels for beekeeping products are available from your local beekeeping supplier. It is also possible to design your own label.


The label should include these few important details listed below-

  • Choose an attractive glass jar design to keep your product.
  • What is in the container: Honey.
  • Identify yourself (as the producer) by including your full name and address.
  • In a dual weight declaration, for example, net weight 16 oz, state the net weight of the product on the lower 20 percent of the label. (1 lb). Federal law demands this.
  • Incorporate some marketing propaganda about the pure and wholesome nature of the product and the type of honey on the package (for example, Wildflower honey).
  • Incorporate nutritional information (not a legal requirement).

  • Donate your product

It is often possible to use fundraising to promote your product in your local community. Many non-profit organizations and charities will sell goods to raise money for their causes. You can provide several jars of honey and other products free of charge for these opportunities. 


Also, don’t forget to distribute your business cards among the lucky winners so that they know whom and where to contact to find out more information about the honey.

Your reputation in the honey market can be established by getting favorable testimonials from your customers. Advertise in your local newspaper and on your website and ask for people to contact you to arrange a honey tasting in order to get these testimonials. Ensure that you send them the date and location where they can visit your honey farm.

  • Sell your honey at the local market

Journals about beekeeping and local papers will soon become your favorite reading materials. Their advertisements invite vendors to participate in county fairs and shows. You should have free samples available at your booth when setting up.


Don’t forget to stock your stand and use it to its full potential. Take advantage of your creativity to make customers want to stop and look at your stand. It is also possible to place a table at a local farmers’ market or to contact a non-competing vendor about displaying your honey there if you do not have a lot of honey to sell. By doing this, you benefit from their existing customer base.

  • Use social to boost your business

Social media has now become one of the most effective marketplaces to enhance your small business. You will be able to market your honey online with just a click of the mouse. By utilizing social media, you can increase business awareness and reach consumers in other states. By reaching out to the right audience, you can boost your honey sale and gain that extra income that you desire. For example- there are a number of glass spirit bottles supplier on Instagram, but only those have succeeded that have adapted the right marketing techniques.

Other marketing tips

While you can come up with countless creative ideas to market your honey business, you should put in the time and effort to develop a solid marketing plan.


In an ideal world, you should already have a business plan in place before starting your company. It will also outline the marketing and promotional strategies you’ll use, as well as the budget and costs involved in reaching your goals. 


Review your initial marketing and sales ideas in the business plan you created at the beginning. Consider ways to improve what you have already tried.

Don’t be afraid of asking for help. It’s a good idea to get feedback from loved ones and actual customers about the type of products they would like to see you sell.


Take note of the marketing ideas you have tried and highlight the ones that worked, as well as the ones that didn’t. Don’t forget to write down your new ideas in a journal when they come to you. Stay on top of your sales efforts by remaining dedicated to your marketing plan.


When it comes to honey, it practically sells itself, your job is to brand it. When your customers view your brand as a pure product without any additives, you’ll find that your biggest challenge becomes production, not sales. 


These tips will definitely help you succeed in your honey business without fail, however, if you don’t put enough effort, these strategies might not work effectively. So, good luck and work hard!


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