How To Entertain Your Baby And Stop Them From Crying

A cry was likely the first indication that your baby had arrived. It was a joy to hear, and you embraced it with wide ears, whether it was a loud wail, a delicate bleat, or a string of desperate screams.

You’ll find that you have a new mission to accomplish: stop your baby from crying. It can be challenging and frustrating if your baby continues to wail after trying every trick up your sleeves.

Putting them in a twin pram and going out for walks can probably make them stop crying, but you’ll never really know.

Although parents know their baby will grumble and cry, nothing can prepare them for what seems like unending, unrelenting crying. It doesn’t help that the infant doesn’t speak, so you don’t have any idea what they want or need.

Don’t worry; we’re here to help you solve the mystery behind why your baby cries and how to stop them from wailing continuously.

Why Do Babies Cry?

Parents can have difficulty figuring out why their babies won’t stop crying even after feeding them or changing their diapers. There are many reasons why babies cry aside from hunger and being uncomfortable; let’s review some of the common causes below:

They Need Food

Newborn babies typically drink milk every few hours or eight to twelve times daily. If your baby is wailing, you’re probably hungry. If your baby is screaming, they’re probably hungry. You need to nurse them or give them a milk bottle before they start crying. 

They Need To Burp

Taking in a lot of water can trap air in your baby’s belly, making her uncomfortable and unhappy. The solution: Gently stroke your infant’s back while burping them after feeding them to release the trapped gas.

Their Diaper Needs To Get Changed

Nobody likes to be seated in poop- or wet pants! Infants can produce up to six wet diapers daily, so check her small bum often.

They Need Rest

Newborns usually sleep for 14 to 17 hours daily; it’s best if you split up their sleeping schedule into periods, preferably two to four hours.  If your baby needs to sleep, gently rest them on their beds. 

They Have Colic

If you believe your child is crying too much, consult your child’s pediatrician. Excessive weeping may be a sign of colic.

They’re Sick

Last but not least, weeping might signal that your baby isn’t feeling well, so consult her pediatrician. Sometimes excessive crying could also mean your child has a fever; if this is the case, you should bring your baby to a  pediatrician immediately. 

Now that you know why your baby won’t stop crying, here are some techniques for soothing them. With time and practice, you’ll learn what trick works for your baby. 

Sway Them In Your Arms

To help with digestion, hold your infant in your arms while positioning her body on the left side. Rub her back gently. When she falls asleep, place her on her back so she’ll sleep more soundly.  

Play Or Sing A Lullaby

Play a soothing sound. White noise, fans that hum and recordings of heartbeats are just a few examples of soothing sounds that can help babies feel at ease. You can also sing them a lullaby to help them fall asleep easier. 

Place Them In A Front Carrier Or Sling

You can calm your baby by carrying her while you move around. Babies like the rhythm of familiar footsteps. A carrier is also practical because it frees up your hands so you can multitask. 

Another option is to use a sling, which is especially helpful for breastfeeding while on the go. While carrying your baby, you must have a quick instinct, like that of a safety box supplier, who ensures that their precious components never get damaged or broken. 

Give Them A Pacifier

Babies frequently comfort themselves by sucking on objects that are not food because it helps calm their nerves. Give your baby a pacifier if she is crying. However,  ensure that she’s breastfed before introducing her to a pacifier. 

Wrap Them In Blankets

Babies can feel relaxed by being wrapped snugly in a soft blanket, which prevents their arms and legs from flapping. But only do this when the weather is cold.   Make sure to cover the legs loosely so they may move freely.   

To make cradling your baby more manageable, you can buy blankets specifically for swaddling. 

Take Them Out For A Stroll

A fussy baby can calm down by taking a short car ride or a quick stroll around the park. Maybe all she needs is a change of scenery and a breath of fresh air. The new sights and sounds will elevate your baby’s mood and fragrances she hasn’t experienced. 

Check if the weather is suitable before taking your baby out for a stroll.


Making your baby stop crying can be more complicated than installing a 5050 RGBW led strip, but it’ll become more manageable when you know the tricks. 

Despite their constant wailing, there’s nothing more comforting than hearing your baby’s voice.

So be patient and try to figure out what makes your fussy baby stop crying. It can take a few attempts before your trick works, but it’ll be worth it.

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