Alchemy Labs 15m Pantera TheBlock Raised $15 Million in a Series A Funding Round

Labs 15m Pantera TheBlock

Labs 15m Pantera TheBlock raised $15 million in a new Series A funding round. This funding round continues the company’s growth in the healthcare market. The company aims to provide more affordable treatment options for patients. The company is working with leading pharmaceutical companies to develop new drugs for the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases.

Major Companies

Labs 15m Pantera TheBlock Silicon Valley-based company, which was founded in 2017, is aiming to become the next Amazon Web Services, which sits between companies and the internet. The startup’s clients already include major companies like Uber and Netflix. Its new funding round will help it scale up its services and expand internationally.

New Funding Round

Alchemy’s new funding round comes at a time when the startup is scaling rapidly, attracting dozens of new web3 organizations, and pivoting many existing Web 2.0 companies to build on the platform. The company has also grown to power over $45 billion in transaction volume for companies around the world.

Development of the Company’s Data Analytics

The new funding round includes funds for the development of the company’s data analytics platform and its research and development team. The company’s first investment is from Tiger Global, while its latest funding round includes participation from several other VCs and investors. Its new funding will allow it to expand its team and launch Protocol Metrics and Data Apps.

The company is also backed by the decentralized financial network KYVE. The funding round was led by Permanent Ventures, Hypersphere Ventures, Volt Capital, Mechanism Capital, and Coinbase Ventures. The round also included contributions from Mina Foundation and Compute Ventures.

Block Chain Domain

Unstoppable Domains brought blockchain domain access to the mainstream by teaming up with USDC creator Circle. The startup provides users with easily readable usernames to receive stablecoin payments. Moreover, the company has forged a partnership with Alchemy Labs in December and plans to integrate its domain name API with its services.

The company has been growing rapidly since its formation in 2017. The most recent round of funding was led by Alchemy Labs and Mechanism Capital, who believe the company will be valuable in the future. While the investment round is largely seed funding, the company still needs more capital to continue building the product.

Accounting & Climate Management Platform

Persefoni is an accounting and climate management platform for financial institutions and enterprises. In a new Series B funding round, the company has raised $101 million. The investment was led by Prelude Ventures and TPG’s The Rise Fund. Those two firms collectively contributed $51 million to the round. The company is now valued at up to $808 million.

New Decentralized Exchange

Another new decentralized exchange, Cosmos, has raised $15 million in a new funding round. The money was raised through the sale of tokens. The company plans to use this money to scale operations in the North American market and existing key markets. The company also secured seed funding from Resolute Ventures and Asymmetric Ventures.

The new funding comes at a time when the crypto ecosystem is struggling to cope with hacks and network outages. While Uber has only been public for four years, it has already attracted a star-studded capital table. In the past, it has secured angel investments from Charlie Schwab, Yahoo’s Jerry Yang, and Linkedin’s Reid Hoffman. It has also received backing from the chairman of Alphabet, Peter Thiel.

Pantera TheBlock Raised $15m in a Series A Investment

The new investment will help Labs 15m Pantera TheBlock expand globally, add more intelligent features, and develop an API to power popular exchange applications. The company has already partnered with large financial services firms, including hedge funds and Alphabet. The funding will also help the startup to expand its Matcha product.

The company is also working to improve its network and platform, which includes a Matcha token search service. It also plans to invest in cross-chain functionality and expand its 0x API service, which powers the ShapeShift exchange. In addition, the company also plans to add new features that will make the network more secure and convenient to use.

The company also raised $15 million in a Labs 15m Pantera TheBlock A round from Pantera Capital. The funds will help the company expand globally, establish a trading desk, and build an aggregation service. The company plans to add more blockchains and develop an API for developers to use. In addition, the company will add support for more cryptocurrencies.

Final Words:

Pantera Capital, which has made numerous investments in decentralized technologies, has been vocal about the potential of cryptocurrencies. It has predicted a bull market in Bitcoin starting as early as September 2020. In addition to its investments in decentralized technologies, Pantera Capital also plans to invest in professional aggregation services.

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