Labs 15m Series Pantera Secures $15 Million For Next Round of Growth

Labs 15m Series Pantera

In their latest round of funding, Labs 15m Series Pantera has secured $15 million for its next round of growth. The company, behind the 0x Protocol, is also expanding its offerings to financial services. This article explores the Company’s plans for the future. The company is already on the cutting edge of cryptography, but its new funding round is an exciting step forward.

Professional-Grade Aggregation Service

The firm behind the decentralized exchange protocol and ZRX token, 0x Labs, has closed a $15 million Series A round led by Pantera Capital. The funding will be used to build out a trading desk service and professional-grade aggregation service. In addition, the money will help the company further develop its open-source protocol.

Former Airbnb Security Employee Jack Naglieri

Labs 15m Series Pantera company is led by former Airbnb security employee Jack Naglieri, who architected the open-source security project StreamAlert. This security platform is used by companies like Netflix, Coinbase, and Duo Security. Naglieri founded the company last year and plans to continue investing in key functions such as sales, marketing, and security to create a robust platform for enterprises and startups.

Several Successful Startups

The Labs 15m Series Pantera A funding round also includes investments from a number of angel investors, including the founders of several successful startups. The money will help the company expand its product offerings and expand its team. The company has seen strong growth in the past year and is expecting to grow its ARR by 200% by Q4 2021.

Pantera’s latest round of funding is a good sign for the startup’s future. The company’s technology helps customers manage the risks associated with insurance, such as accidents, theft, and fraud. The startup also plans to expand into new markets with the money it raised.

ZRX Token

Pantera Capital has led a $15 million Series A round in 0x Protocol Labs, a decentralized exchange and the company behind the ZRX token. This funding will help 0x expand globally and develop its open source protocol. The company has already launched a Matcha router and has processed $2.7 billion in trades. Its next goal is to build a trading desk and expand the platform.

The startup is working to build a global mobile software company that makes blockchain easier to use. It also plans to launch a platform with 50% lower transaction fees. This funding will be used to grow its team and accelerate its global expansion plans. The company also plans to add trading desk services to help users make the most of their cryptocurrency trading.

The company also plans to expand its platform to other blockchains. Recently, it launched the NFT swap feature, which allows users to exchange NFTs across multiple blockchains. It also plans to add more chains to its API service and expand the Matcha token search service.

Trading Desk Globally

Pantera Capital led the $15 million Series A round of funding in 0x Protocol Labs. The funds will help the company expand its trading desk globally, develop a professional aggregation service and develop its open-source protocol.

The investment led by Pantera Capital will be used to expand the platform, build out its API and expand its team. The company has already signed partnerships with large hedge funds. With this new funding, Pantera will be able to further its plans to expand into financial services.

Infrastructure & Expand Globally

Pantera Labs, the company behind the decentralized exchange protocol, has raised $15 million in a Series A funding round led by Pantera Capital. With the funds, the company will continue to build out its infrastructure and expand globally. The company plans to expand to more markets, build out its team and improve its decentralized exchange API.

The company also plans to expand its decentralized exchange protocol, which powers ShapeShift. The $15 million Series A funding round led by Pantera Capital will help the company expand its platform and support the protocol. It will also help the company build a professional aggregation service and launch a trading desk. The funding will also be used to further develop the 0x API, which powers popular tools like MetaMask and ShapeShift.

Final Words:

Pantera has also secured partnerships with hedge funds and large financial services companies. The funding has already helped the company expand its platform and build an API. It also plans to expand internationally with new partnerships.

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