5 Things to Know About Ian Moore Before You Go to His Comedy Shows

Do you want to guarantee you will like a comedy show? There is nothing worse than spending money on a show and going to see it just to hate every moment you are there. Indeed, it can feel like a waste of time and ruin your mood.

So, how can you avoid this from happening? Well, you need to avoid buying a comedy show ticket on a whim. In other words, you need to do some research before you spend your hard-earned cash. This is going to make sure that you have a great time, whether you are going on your own or with a friend.

For example, perhaps you have seen Ian Moore’s name in the comedy world and are wondering whether you would like one of his shows. To save you some time, here are five things you should know about him before buying tickets.

Laugh at British Culture

Sometimes, British people are accused of being too serious. We are not very good at laughing at ourselves and seeing what is funny in the way we act. Well, you can change this by going to an Ian Moore show. He is somebody that will tell you home truths when it comes to the UK. He lives in France and often travels between the two countries. So he can clearly see what British culture is like from afar.

Therefore, you can learn to laugh at British culture and the strange things we all do in this country. Do not forget that you can get to know Ian Moore by reading his biography at Comedy Carnival. This will give you a better idea of what he is like and what his career looks like. Then, you can use this information to see whether you would like to attend one of his shows.

Prepare for Great Stories

Comedians have their own style when it comes to their shows. For instance, you will find that some enjoy making impressions and taking on different personas. Others will prefer to poke fun at their own lives and tell stories of what they have been through. Well, Ian Moore is someone that likes to discuss topics, as well as tell stories about his life. Indeed, he is known to be cultured, and this means that he has a lot of great stories he can share with the audience.

So, go to one of Ian Moore’s shows if you want to be captivated by his stories from start to finish. Indeed, he is a comedian that has done many gigs over the years and this means starring on television. This includes being on The Stand-Up Show, Comedy Big Mouths and World Comedy Tour. People love to listen to him and see him perform.

Hear About Brexit

When you mention Brexit to someone, they probably roll their eyes. It is still a controversial topic in the UK and you will find people that are totally against it, as well as those that support Brexit. Sometimes, you just have to learn to laugh at things you cannot change. Indeed, this is something that Ian Moore does.

Since he lives in France and travels there all the time to the UK, he knows more about Brexit than anybody. He has experienced what the change has been like and he is willing to make a joke about it. So, if you want to hear some funny things about Brexit for a change, you might enjoy an Ian Moore show.

Feel at Home

Every comedian has their own tempo when it comes to their show. For example, there are some that like to keep things high energy and exciting for the audience. They feel like this type of energy allows the audience to have a good time from start to finish. Then, there are other comedians that like to keep things relaxed and casual. This way, people can escape their troubles and come to a comedy show to unwind.

When you go to see Ian Moore, you can expect shows to be like you are at home. You are able to relax and enjoy his storytelling without being overwhelmed by information. Yes, you are able to laugh and have a great time. But this does not have to happen at 100 miles an hour.

Enjoy Natural Sharp Wit

Some people are born to be comedians. They are just naturally funny and know how to entertain an audience. This is definitely the category that Ian Moore falls into. He has a natural sharp wit that makes his performances enjoyable. While he has material he works from, he is also able to think of comments and jokes on the spot that are hilarious.

Thus, sharp wit is something else you can expect when you go to an Ian Moore show. There is no doubt that you will have a good night and see stand-up comedy at its best. So, make sure that you secure your ticket in advance. This will make sure you are not disappointed on the night.

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