Charmed: Why It Was So Charming

Everyone loves a hero’s story. But hero stories are so many it’s hard to tell one from the other. Charmed had an interesting angle: three sisters living in modern-day San Francisco while secretly saving people from demons and warlocks using witch magic. 

Charmed, which had Brad Kern as its showrunner, ran for eight seasons between 1998 and 2006. According to CNN, when Charmed debuted on the WB, its first episode had 7.7 million viewers. Here are the top four reasons Charmed was so charming.

A Chord of Three Strands Cannot be Broken

One superhero has enough juice to keep everyone glued to the screen. Three is the power number. In Charmed, the three sisters have equal but different magic powers that evolve and change over time. Their combined magic power comes in handy when they have to kill demons and warlocks to save innocent lives. But, of course, the heroes are sisters, so there’s also the power of blood.

Girl Squad Power plus the Power of Three = Real Magic

Not only are they heroes sisters, but they’re also women. In the 1998-2006 period, most superheroes were male. They were good and powerful, but the lack of women heroes is misleading because it leads to the assumption that women can’t be assertive and good. Paul Zehr of Psychology Today argues that the lack of female writers contributes to having male-only superheroes. For example, Charmed is played by different rules by having three beautiful and powerful witches as heroes.

The 90’s Fashion

If you need a trip down fashion memory lane, Charmed has truly charming fashion. Prue, Piper, and Phoebe are not only powerful witches, but they also lead everyday lives in Francisco. Naturally, therefore, they’re not wearing hideous long black coats. Instead, crop tops, high-waist pants, halter tops, and platforms are nostalgic reminders of the 90’s fashion. The Halliwell sisters slay demons, then slay.

The Memorable Theme Song

“…I am the son and the heir….” While each show has its theme song, Charmed had a memorable pick of a cover of The Smiths ‘How Soon is Now?’ The vocals are the perfect background for the ominous book of Shadows. Therefore, even if you have never watched all the episodes, you can easily remember the show by its theme song.

The ’90s were a golden period in film and TV. Charmed opened WB to the world with its charming set-up, cast, and plotline. The fact that Charmed lived for eight seasons and a later reboot of the same title proves how charming Charmed was.

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