What Are the Top Neighborhoods to Move to in Boston

Moving is stressful, especially if you struggle to find the perfect destination to call your future home. Should you try to save money? Or do you need more room for a family you’re planning to start? Luckily, Boston has neighborhoods to cater to any kind of household.

Whether you’re a young professional or a family of five, these are the top neighborhoods you should consider!

Back Bay

If you have some money and you want to impress anyone you bring to your home, it’s time to start in Back Bay. This area has the highest housing costs, but they’re worth it for the views alone. Not only are the buildings here more spacious, but this area has the lowest crime rate in the city, making it a fantastic place to start a family.

The Boston Public Library is in this neighborhood famous for being the first library to allow people to borrow books from their collection. You’ll feel steeped in history and refreshed, all at the same time.

South End

This quiet area of town is beyond charming. From the best food you’ll find to the loudest and most entertaining nightlife in the entire state, the South End knows how to have fun and charm you at the same time.

Most of the buildings here are the famous brownstones that Boston is known for, but this means you don’t have much outdoor space on your property, and gardening isn’t really an option. If you don’t mind close neighbors, this area is a dream come true.


Possibly the most famous area to look for Boston houses for sale, Cambridge is an incredible community. Although this isn’t directly in Boston, it’s still a great place to go via public transit or your own car. While here, explore Harvard Square, which feels like an insulated city all its own. The nightclubs in this area are a lot of fun, and although the housing is pricy, you’ll want to consider it while you’re here!

Beacon Hill

If you’re ready to explore beautiful Americana as it was a hundred years ago, this photogenic neighborhood has you covered. Similar to Back Bay, this has a fantastic array of antique stores, historic buildings, and the best restaurants in the city.

You can easily get here by transit or by driving, and there are countless walkable streets to explore, so you really don’t have to go anywhere. This is an awesome place for young professionals to start fresh.


If you want to hang out with the crowd that’s currently going to Harvard, you’ll love Allston. This trendy area is great for young professionals or those looking to start a family. Outdoor beer gardens, fantastic artsy shops, and delicious restaurants all mingle together. Although this was dubbed the Hipster Paradise of Boston in the 2010s, it’s now simply become an attractive and extremely expensive place to live.

Boston’s The Best City to Live In!

Whether you’re retiring or you’re heading off to college, it can feel difficult to pin down one perfect space. Consider these neighborhoods, and you’ll make that next chapter in your life so much more exciting! 

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