How to make custom motel keychains?

This article aims to help readers create their own unique and personalized motel acrylic  keychain. Custom motel keychains have become increasingly popular due to their affordability, durability, and sentimental value. They make great souvenirs, promotional items, and gifts and are often used to commemorate special events, places, or memories. With this article, readers can learn how to create custom motel keychains that are functional but also meaningful and memorable.

Materials Needed

To make custom motel keychains, you will need the following materials:

  • Clear epoxy resin is the main material used to create the keychain.
  • Keychain Hardware: This includes split rings and keychain blanks, which will be attached to the epoxy resin to create the keychain.
  • Silicone mould: This will be used to create the shape of the keychain. You can either buy a pre-made mould or make your own.
  • Pigment or ink: This will add colour to the epoxy resin. You can use a variety of pigments, including mica powder, alcohol ink, or resin dye.
  • Mixing cups and stirring sticks: These are necessary for mixing the epoxy resin and pigment.
  • Heat gun or torch: This will remove any bubbles that form during the mixing process.
  • Disposable gloves: These will protect your hands from the resin and pigment.
  • Paper towels: These are used for cleaning up any spills or drips.

Each material has a specific purpose in creating custom motel keychains. The epoxy resin and keychain hardware form the structure of the keychain, while the silicone mould shapes it. Pigments and inks add colour and design, and the mixing cups, stirring sticks, heat guns, gloves, and paper towels are all necessary tools for mixing and shaping the resin.

Designing Your Keychain

When designing your custom motel keychain, consider the following tips:

  • Avoid cluttering the keychain with too much text or images.
  • Use high-quality images: If you add images to your keychain, ensure they are high-quality and clear. This will ensure that the final product looks crisp and professional.
  • Choose a colour scheme: Consider the colours you want to use in your keychain design. You can use one or multiple colours, but make sure they complement each other.
  • Adding text to your keychain can make it more personalized and meaningful. Consider adding a name, date, or special message.
  • Experiment with different shapes and sizes: The beauty of making your own keychain is that you can create it in any shape or size you want. Experiment with different shapes and sizes until you find the perfect fit for your design.

There are many design options when it comes to creating custom motel keychains. You can add images, text, and colours to create a design that is unique to you. Some popular design options include using a map of a specific location, using a favourite quote or saying, or incorporating a specific colour scheme. Whatever design you choose, make sure it is personal and meaningful.

Creating Your Keychain

Here are the step-by-step instructions for creating your custom motel keychain:

  • Make sure your workspace is clean and free from any debris. Lay down some paper towels to protect your workspace from spills.
  • Follow the instructions on the package to mix the epoxy resin and hardener. Be sure to wear gloves to protect your hands from the resin.
  • Once the resin and hardener are mixed, add your chosen pigment or ink. Stir until the colour is fully incorporated.
  • Use a heat gun or torch to remove any bubbles in the resin. Move the heat gun or torch back and forth over the surface of the resin until the bubbles disappear.
  • Carefully pour the resin into the silicone mould. Make sure to fill the mould to the top.
  • While the resin is still wet, insert a split ring and keychain blank into the top of the mould.
  • Allow the resin to cure for the recommended time, typically 24-48 hours.
  • Once the resin is fully cured, carefully remove the keychain from the mould.
  • If desired, add extra touches such as glitter or varnish to your keychain to give it a more unique and personalized look.

Creating a custom motel keychain is a simple process. It involves mixing and pouring the epoxy resin into a mould, adding keychain hardware, and allowing the resin to cure. The final result is a durable and personalized keychain perfect for remembering a special place or event. Follow the instructions carefully and take your time to ensure the best possible outcome.

Finishing Touches

Adding extra touches to your custom motel keychain can make it even more unique and personalized. Here are some suggestions for finishing touches:

  • Add glitter

You can sprinkle glitter onto the wet resin before it cures. This will give your keychain a sparkling effect.

  • Use resin dye

Add a small amount of resin dye to the epoxy resin before pouring it into the mould. This will give your keychain a translucent or opaque look, depending on the amount of dye used.

  • Use alcohol ink

Alcohol ink can be used to create a marbled effect on the surface of the keychain. Add a few drops of ink to the wet resin and use a toothpick to create swirls.

  • Add varnish

Once the resin is fully cured, you can add a layer of varnish to protect the keychain and give it a glossy finish.

  • Attach charms or beads.

If you want to add an extra dimension to your keychain, you can attach small charms or beads to the keychain blank before pouring the resin.

Remember to experiment with different finishing touches to find the look that you like best. These extra touches can make your keychain stand out and even more special.


In conclusion, creating custom motel keychains is a fun and creative way to preserve memories of a special place or event. In this article, we have discussed the materials needed to make a keychain, tips for designing a keychain, step-by-step instructions for creating a keychain, and suggestions for adding finishing touches.

Remember to use high-quality materials, keep your design simple, experiment with different shapes and sizes, and add extra touches such as glitter or varnish to make your keychain unique.

Creating custom keychains is not only a great way to remember a special trip or event, but it is also a fun and satisfying DIY project. Making your keychain allows you to have a personalized item that is unique to you and your experiences.

We encourage readers to make their keychains and to experiment with different designs and finishing touches. With a little creativity and effort, you can create a personalized and special keychain that will last a lifetime.

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