Find the perfect winter jacket for your personal style!

Every cold season, we women are faced with the incessant quest for the winter jacket that perfectly matches our figure and our needs. Think about the many miles you’ve already travelled, navigating from one store to another, in an effort to find that perfect winter jacket. Even virtual shopping in online stores does not make this mission easier. Of course, you can try on all the jackets from the comfort of your own home, but this does not guarantee that you will find the winter jacket that meets your expectations.

Multiple factors come into play when choosing your winter jacket. Your body type, your sensitivity to the cold, your clothing style and even the maintenance of the jacket are crucial aspects to consider when making this purchase.

We decipher for you everything that is essential to know about the best winter outerwear and more specifically winter jackets. Our goal is to help you find satisfaction and wear your winter jacket with pride for a long time. Find out which jacket will keep you warm, match your style and how to best care for it.

How to choose the perfect winter jacket?

Choosing the ideal winter jacket depends mainly on your sensitivity to the cold and the models you already own. Do you tend to feel cold during the winter? In this case, down jackets or quilted jackets with high-quality polyester filling are what you need. These jackets are breathable and temperature-regulating to keep you warm without causing excessive sweating.

If, on the other hand, you are more of the type to get warm quickly, the softshell jacket or wool jacket could be your best ally for winter. They are not as thick as down jackets but still provide sufficient warmth. The multi-layered approach is for you! If you need a little extra warmth, you can simply layer a wool coat with a down jacket.

With these basics in mind, let’s move on to the tricky part about winter jackets: Which winter jacket suits you and your figure? We all know this situation: the winter jacket of our dreams is there, hanging in the store. But once we wear it, we don’t feel at all comfortable in this so-called crush. This is often due to the fact that the cut does not match our figure. In reality, two factors are essential to take into account: your size and your body shape.

This may seem a bit harsh at first glance, but you will see, by taking these two factors into account, you will find the ideal winter jacket for you!

Choosing the ideal winter jacket for women with generous curves

A little extra chest, hips or stomach shouldn’t be hidden under thick layers. Straight-cut coats that go down to the knees, or even better, coats with a belt at the waist are the ideal option. The long lapel collars help to elongate the silhouette a little more. Sporty jackets, such as softshell jackets, or lightweight quilted coats should definitely have a drawstring to slim the waist, otherwise they may appear too bulky or ill-fitting.

Cropped jackets are generally not flattering and very bulky down jackets should also be avoided.

Winter jacket selection guide for small size women

Unfortunately, long coats are not the best choice for short women. To create an illusion of length, short jackets that stop above the hips or barely cover the buttocks are ideal. Short box-cut wool jackets or down/padded jackets work particularly well. If the jacket goes down to the buttocks, it is preferable that it be fitted.

Oversized fits and anything too baggy can be a disadvantage, as they can make you appear smaller. However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid all bulky styles. Thick-down jackets that end at the buttocks will suit you perfectly!

Winter jacket selection guide for tall women

Are you tall and have a rather athletic figure? In this case, you’ve hit the jackpot, everything suits you! A cropped jacket will highlight your long legs, whether it’s a down or wool jacket. If you don’t want to accentuate your plus size, opt for longer coats. Your figure can handle bulky cuts, including long, thick down coats.

If your figure is curvier, it would be better to focus on coats and jackets that keep your figure well-defined. Wool coats, softshell jackets or a fitted parka are your best choices.

Choosing the ideal winter jacket for women with slim figure

If you have a type H figure, that is to say quite slim with few curves, you can wear just about anything. In fact, you should mainly consider your body size to find the right jacket for you. Long coats, even bulky ones, fit tall and slim women perfectly. Short jackets are more suitable for slim, small women.

Combating extreme cold: layering

Layering is one of the best methods for staying warm during the colder winter months. The key is knowing how and with what clothes to do it correctly. Here are some tips given by Sainly for effectively layering your clothes while maintaining your style.

  1. Base Layer: This first layer is the one that is in direct contact with your skin. Choose materials that absorb moisture to help you stay dry, like polyester and merino wool. They are more effective than cotton, which absorbs moisture and can make you feel damp and cold. Choose a well-fitting base layer for optimal insulation.
  2. Inner Layer: This layer is designed to help you retain heat by trapping warm air. Sweaters, vests, and fleeces are all good choices for this layer. You can adjust the number and thickness of these layers depending on the cold level.
  3. Outer Layer: This is the winter jacket itself, which should be water and wind-resistant to protect from the outside elements. Down or insulated jackets are great options for extremely cold climates.
  4. Accessories: Don’t forget the accessories! Gloves, hats, scarves and winter boots add extra layers of protection against the cold.
  5. Adjust Layers: One of the biggest benefits of layering is the ability to add or remove layers depending on your comfort level. If you start to feel too hot, it’s easy to remove a layer to avoid sweating, which could cool you down later.

By following these tips, you’ll be ready to take on the coldest winter days while staying warm and fashionable.

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